Getting to Know Hopkinton, MA

by c21commonweath_ldowling 16. March 2020 09:58

Hopkinton, named after 17th century benefactor Edward Hopkins, started out as a simple farming community established with property purchases by Harvard University. Hundreds of years later, the town isn’t quite as simple, but it’s still peaceful, full of friendly people, and conducive to a healthy, prosperous life. If you’re considering a move to the Greater Boston area, Hopkinton is an excellent choice. Here are some things you can do to get to know the city.

Visit Town Forest

This island of green comprises 84 acres of the natural beauty Massachusetts is known for. When you visit, see if you and your kids can find the locally famous fossilized dinosaur footprints. The old cart road is perfect for biking, hiking, horseback riding, or in the winter, snowmobiling.

Enjoy the Parks

Whatever you like to do at the park, you can do it in Hopkinton. If you want to explore, check out Berry Acres, a 30-acre hiking area with plenty of trails. If fishing is more to your liking, spend your time at Aikens Street, where you can angle from the shores of the Sudbury River. If you’d rather just sit and relax while the kids play, there are plenty of places to do that too.

Catch a Summer Concert

Summer is the right season to be in Hopkinton. This town is practically overflowing with community spirit, and it really shows during the warmer months. Don’t miss the summer concert series, which features a series of local acts. If you get hungry, there are food trucks on site. Summer concerts are suitable for the whole family, so bring the kids and get ready for a night of great music under the open sky.

Celebrate Your Independence

Just like many other New England towns, the Fourth of July is a huge deal in Hopkinton, but the locals have a unique way of celebrating. At the annual Hopkinton Horribles Parade, you’ll see citizens in funny costumes and goofy floats parodying politics and spraying each other with squirt guns. Come ready to get wet and have fun—you can dry off at the bonfire at the end of the night.

Hopkinton is one of the best places to live and play in New England, and these are just a few of the reasons why. You’ll have such a good time during your visit you may want to be here forever.