Get Back to Nature in Dover

by c21commonweath_ldowling 12. February 2020 09:36

Dover, Massachusetts, is one of the many bedroom communities that surround Boston, but unlike some of the others, the residents of Dover are dedicated to maintaining open space, making this small town feel more like an old woodland village. Dover features miles of shaded trails and forested areas suitable for bird-watching, hiking, or leisurely walks. If you feel a connection with the outdoors, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in Dover. Here’s a list of our five favorite places to nurture your love of nature.

Pegan Hill

This 400-foot hill is the highest point in the Dover area. It's named for the Pegan Indians who lived in the area until the 1760s. When you reach the top of the hill after a moderate walk up the one-mile trail, you'll be rewarded with an amazing view. On a clear day, you can see Mt. Monadnock nearly 90 miles away.

Powisset Farm

If you want to experience what life was like 300 years ago, Powisset Farm is the place to do it. You'll find busy barnyards, idyllic pastures, and a working kitchen where you can sample traditional foods. When you're done on the farm, take the loop trail to the nearby Oak Forest.

Chase Woodlands

Even though this forested area is just a few miles from four busy freeways, the peace you'll find here can make you feel like you're in an isolated wilderness. Farmers cleared the area for agriculture about 200 years ago, but today, the land has almost completely reverted to its natural state. You'll find over two miles of gently sloping trails here. Even after you’ve explored every last inch of the two miles of gently sloping trails, you'll want to visit these woods again and again.

Peters Reservation

Unlike many of the destinations on this list, the scenery at Peters Reservation isn't completely natural. Landscape architect Fletcher Steele carefully designed the trails and understory of this forest to make it accessible to all. If you want to experience the reservation from a unique vantage point, plan to visit by canoeing or kayaking down the Charles River.

Noanet Woodlands

Any outdoor enthusiast will find plenty to love at Noanet Woods. The land encompasses a secluded forest, four ponds filled with local flora and fauna, an old industrial mill, and a hill with commanding views of the Boston skyline for those who reach the top. With more than 17 miles of trail, there's always something to explore in this 600-acre landscape.

When you visit Dover, Massachusetts, you'll only be a few miles from some of the busiest cities on the Eastern Seaboard, but serene, natural settings are there to enjoy for anyone who seeks them out.