5 Places to Visit in Lexington

by c21commonweath_ldowling 10. February 2020 09:34

With a population of 32,000, Lexington, Massachusetts, may be a small city. However, it’s big on history. This is where the British Redcoats famously fired the first shots of the Revolutionary War on April 19, 1775, changing the course of world history forever. No matter where you go in Lexington, there’s a strong sense of Americana, whether or not the attraction explicitly focuses on the city’s place in history. Here are our picks for the top five places to see.

Wilson Farm

Wilson Farm has operated in its current location on Pleasant Street for 126 years. The farm originally grew crops like beets, cabbage, carrots, celery, and turnips to sell at the nearest market, which was in Boston at the time. James Wilson volunteered to transport produce to the market for the local farmers, and business boomed from there. Today, Wilson Farm not only continues to sell fresh fruit and produce but also serves as a model of sustainable farming practices.

Lexington Green

If you are a fan history, you cannot miss Lexington Green, the site of the first battle of the American Revolution. Fittingly, it’s also the site of America's oldest war memorial. The Minuteman Statue designed by the famous sculptor Henry Kitson commemorates the historic events that took place in the earliest days of our nation.

Willard’s Woods

In the 1870s, this 100-acre site operated as an orchard. Today, the residents of Lexington have allowed Willard's Woods to revert to its natural state. This popular recreation area features three miles of trails, two streams, and a bike path. If you love nature, you'll enjoy the boardwalk that leads to a pond filled with wildlife.

Wagon Wheel

Just as Wilson Farm does, the Wagon Wheel sells fresh fruit and produce. This family-operated business also features a florist, a gift shop, a nursery, and a restaurant. Lexington has grown over the years, but the Wagon Wheel farm stand has always maintained the friendly small-town feeling.

Gallery Twist

This art museum features an amazing variety of artwork by the region’s most celebrated artists, showcasing about five new exhibits every year. Be sure to call and check their schedule before you visit.

Lexington, Massachusetts, is a hallmark of classic New England, but it also has a distinctive environment that isn’t quite like anywhere else. Schedule a visit to see what else Lexington has to offer!