Sustainability Efforts in Wellesley

by c21commonweath_ldowling 26. November 2019 17:24

Wellesley, Massachusetts is a nationwide leader in sustainability among American communities. In 2008, a group of volunteers founded a grassroots organization called Sustainable Wellesley to encourage actions that lead to sustainability in Wellesley and the surrounding area. 

Making Wellesley Sustainable

Sustainable Wellesley is driven to improve sustainability in three key areas:

Improving Efficiency

Improved efficiency means both using and generating power wisely. In 2012, The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources awarded Wellesley the title of Green Power Community, reflecting their commitment to sustainable energy. 

Promoting Recycling

Recycling waste is a good first step, but communities can do more. In Wellesley, the municipal leadership also promotes reducing waste and reusing trash.

Reducing Waste

City living produces a great deal of pollution. Wellesley is committed to green energy, which has led to a 20% reduction in their carbon footprint.

Protecting Natural Resources

Nature has blessed Wellesley with an abundance of natural resources, of which green spaces are arguably the most important yet underappreciated. Many studies have shown that people are happier and healthier when they have access to open space. In Wellesley, the city council has mandated that all subdivisions with five or more lots must dedicate at least 50% of their acreage to open space. 

The city government does not leave the space empty, however. They encourage people to use and enjoy it by adding community gardens and other features. There is also an expansive trail network, featuring 26 miles of trails that connect open spaces throughout the community.

Promoting Involvement

Sustainable Wellesley regularly hosts events designed to educate and inform the public about sustainability. Topics range from mundane subjects such as composting to offering advice for locals who want to run for office and make changes at the governmental level. 

If we want to achieve sustainability in our country, we must all take action at the local level. Sustainable Wellesley is leading the charge. Superior environmental health is just one of many reasons why Wellesley and other Boston-area communities offer their residents an excellent quality of life.