Why We Love Older Homes

by c21commonweath_ldowling 24. July 2019 12:29

While there are many benefits of moving into a newly built house, the charm and character of older homes have made them an increasingly popular purchase in today’s housing market. Buying or building a new home allows you to design it however you’d like, but for those with a fondness for the styles of centuries past, historic homes can be a more attractive option. Here are some common features of older homes that modern buyers just can’t pass up.

Classic Archways and Entryways

Grand entryways make a statement. While today’s homes tend to have simple, square doorframes, older homes were typically constructed with exaggerated, spacious entryways to create a luxurious atmosphere. Historic architects didn’t save all the fun for the front door, however—they used archways throughout the home’s interior to create visual intrigue when entering each new room, separating spaces in the home with carefully crafted corners and unique design elements. The classic archways and entryways found in many antique homes give homeowners and their guests a regal welcome.

Antique Doors

Door knockers aren’t common these days, and wooden door cutouts with metallic fastenings have been replaced by tiny glass and metal peepholes, but you can still find old-fashioned door fixtures on homes throughout the Boston area. Your visitors will get a kick out of using the knocker and seeing your face through a full opening before you let them in.

Charming Character

Buyers are drawn to older homes because they offer a sense of style and character that’s hard to find elsewhere, with intriguing and original design elements you can’t simply recreate. Antique light fixtures, wood-burning fireplaces, colorful tile, charming crown molding, and custom-built shelving and windows are just a few of the most sought-after design features.

Other alluring features include carefully constructed custom-fit and stained glass windows, built-in shelving and bookshelves, and colorful mosaic bathroom tiles, all of which add a pop of era-defining character. In colder months, you can gather family and friends around an old-world fireplace and share in the tradition of keeping warm by the fire. Every room in an old-fashioned home is an opportunity to take a break from the 21st century.

Keep History Alive

Older homes’ captivating design elements give us a glimpse into America’s past and remain historically significant. Many buyers in the Boston area appreciate historic homes with heirloom details and intrinsic colonial charm, and so do we!