Outdoor Lighting Ideas

by c21commonweath_ldowling 15. July 2019 15:08

Boston’s warm summers are perfect for enjoying relaxing evenings out on the patio, porch, or deck. Use these lighting ideas to design a cozy outdoor space for lounging outside long after the sun goes down.

Romance Is in the Air

Create a romantic atmosphere with decorative lanterns that cover your yard with a subtle glow. Place lanterns on the center of your patio table, group them around the edges of your yard, or line them up on a wall. No matter their placement, their delicate light will create a comfortable place for you to relax.

You can also use pillar candles to create a soft outdoor glow. Decorative candles like these provide enough light to enjoy the scenery without drawing attention away from it. We recommend battery-operated candles—they’re safer and easier to use.

For a more extravagant look, hang an outdoor chandelier from the beam of your pergola or covered patio (this makes installing wiring less tricky). Simple wooden chandeliers will better complement the surrounding foliage without being over the top.

Creative and Cute

Consider using cute and unusual fixtures to illuminate your space. Electric table lamps, for example, emit concentrated light for reading or writing when it’s dark outside and are a great addition to your outdoor seating area. You may also get a kick out of paper lanterns of various sizes hung above your seating area, oil lamps and solar illuminated planters (pots that light up!).

Practical Fixtures

Sometimes you just need a light to show you the way. Install solar deck accent lights on railings, posts, and stairs to provide extra visibility for you and your guests. These lights can be mounted to any flat surface with screws, making installation easy. They also charge during the day when the sun is out and light up at dusk. String lights are another good option—they can be placed over pools, dining tables, or wherever you need more light.

Get More Out of Your Evening

With the right outdoor lighting, you can enjoy more time outside. Whether you’re playing catch, finishing a novel, or hosting a dinner, these lighting fixtures will provide the light you need to get the most out of your long summer days.