This Is How to Stage a Bathroom Before a Sale

by c21commonweath_ldowling 5. June 2019 17:29

When staging your bathroom for listing photos or an open house, you may wonder how to freshen up the space. Unlike other rooms in the house, the bathroom doesn’t call for an excessive amount of furniture and isn’t a place people spend most of their time. That being said, prospective buyers will at least peek their heads into your bathroom—here are some ways to make sure it shines when they do. 

First, Clean

It may seem obvious, but your bathroom should be spotless before anyone walks in to inspect it. On top of the normal bathroom chores, these deep-cleaning strategies will make a big difference: 

  • Disinfect tile in the shower with all-purpose cleaner, and use a grout brush with bleach to clean less-than-attractive grout stains.
  • Place a bag filled with vinegar and sealed with a rubber band around the head of the shower. This will remove buildup from the shower head and improve water pressure.
  • Remove calcium residue from shower doors with Lime-A-Way.
  • Get rid of mold with a solution made of white vinegar or 1 cup of Borax mixed with 1 gallon of water. 

Know What Repairs to Make  

Address any minor problem spots that may prevent buyers from making an offer, like old, crumbling paint or a leaky faucet. While repainting your bathroom, use high-quality semi-gloss paints—they’re easy to clean and resist moisture damage. In bathrooms that don’t see much use and aren’t exposed to heavy moisture, use eggshell paint or a satin sheen. Blue and periwinkle bathrooms sell for $2,786 more than expected, so you may want to consider one of these colors. 

Check your tub for stains or rust, too. If replacing the whole tub isn’t an option, re-glaze it for significantly less money. Lastly, replace noisy fans to get rid of constant rattle, and fix leaking faucets to save water. 

It’s Time to Decorate

Now that you’re through with the cleaning and fixing, you can get to the decorating. While the bathroom doesn’t have much room for furniture, you can add a stool, bench, or cabinet to provide an attractive seating area or extra storage. We also recommend using stylish wicker or wire baskets to store toilet paper and cleaning supplies and installing 100-watt soft-white bulbs or smart bulbs to provide enough light without being overbearing. 

In addition to storage and lighting, you can create a calming atmosphere for your bathroom with spa-like décor. Remove all personal items from sight and add folded white towels, candles, fresh flowers, and wrapped soaps for added appeal. You should also replace old shower curtains with new ones. With these decorations in place, buyers will feel more comfortable in a clean and tranquil space. 

A Beautiful Bathroom

Now that you’ve cleaned, made repairs, and decorated, you can rest assured knowing your bathroom is ready for its big debut. Prospective buyers will appreciate your work, and you may even sell your home more quickly.