Selling Your Home Quickly

by c21commonweath_ldowling 27. February 2019 11:01

Time is money, and the longer your home sits on the market, the more money you'll waste. Instead of squandering away these valuable resources, learn to sell your home quickly. With a fast sale and more money in your pocket, you can invest more energy in designing and decorating your new place.

Use Virtual Staging

Hiring a professional stager decreases the amount of time it takes to sell a home. By strategically decorating the place, you’ll sell your home 88% faster than one without any furniture or cozy décor—but staging is expensive. Expect to shovel out between $300 to $600 for a consultation and an additional $500 for each room per month. To make matters more expensive, most professional stagers require three-month contracts, and you may be spending money on staging long after your house has been sold. The solution? Consider visual staging.

Visual staging uses digital images to ‘stage’ your online listings with photo-editing software. Barren rooms appear tastefully furnished with fitted couches, beds, and tables. You don’t have to use any actual furniture to make your house appear eloquent and cozy, and the service only costs around $100 per month.

Pay Attention to the Front Yard

Creating curb appeal matters, as your front lawn, driveway, and entryway are the first things prospective buyers see before entering the home. Improving the look and functionality of the front of your home can even increase its value by up to 17%. To cost-effectively invest in the front of your home, consider the following home-improvement projects.

Buy standard lawn care at your local nursery or hardware store. Fertilizer and weed control are affordable options compared to professional landscapers and make your front lawn look tidy. Of course, you can also perform a bit of lawn maintenance yourself by rolling up your sleeves and doing the gardening yourself. Get out there and enjoy the sunshine. It will pay off when prospective buyers are in awe of the beautiful landscaping you did yourself. 

Use Social Media

Don’t waste time and money by sending your listings out by mail. Instead, use social media to advertise your home across a variety of platforms for free. Post your ad to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, including plenty of beautiful pictures and videos of your home’s best features. Online communities won’t be able to resist scrolling through professional pictures of your prized piece of real estate.

Another way to generate buzz before the house goes on the market is by posting about the sale beforehand. Spend time, too, knocking on neighbors' doors and sending out mass emails to your network of family, friends, and acquaintances.

Aim for Energy-Efficiency

A lot of money is wasted on air leaks and drafts, which is reflected in expensive energy bills. Homebuyers don’t want to invest more than is necessary when they could be saving money with energy-efficient upgrades. Make your home more energy efficient by insulating the attic, installing a thermostat, and using Energy Star appliances.

Get Ready for a Fast Sale

With these strategies in place, you'll sell your home quickly and without much hassle. Making the right upgrades matters, so invest wisely. You’ll walk away with more money in your pocket and with ample time to settle into your new place.