Traits of Successful Home Sellers

by c21commonweath_ldowling 20. February 2019 10:51

While there’s no secret to success when it comes to selling your home, there are some qualities that make an expert home seller. How your house looks is a crucial part of having your home sell quickly. This is why the best sellers all have something in common, a habit of making their house look amazing. Find out which traits you can adopt to maintain a beautiful house before and during the selling process.

Clean Up Frequently

The best sellers all know the importance of a tidy and neat house. This is why successful home sellers make a habit of cleaning up frequently to avoid a huge project later on. During the selling process, it’s important to have your home ready for a showing at any time. Make sure you’re prepared for this by cleaning up daily. Create a checklist of what you should tidy up quickly before leaving the house for the day, so your home is looking picture perfect when that last-minute showing is scheduled. Similarly, it can be helpful to do a deep clean of your home once a week while it’s on the market to keep the daily maintenance tasks to a minimum. Be proud to show your home at any time by spending a few minutes a day cleaning up.

Respond to Potential Buyers

If you want someone to buy your house, it’s important to be responding to offers quickly. To be a great home seller, make responsiveness a new trait of yours by responding to potential buyers daily. Be prepared beforehand by discussing what offers you will and won’t accept. This will make it easier to respond to offers with a clear idea of a limit you are not willing to negotiate. It’s imperative that your potential buyers feel important and it's likely the will begin to doubt or feel unsure with each minute that passes. Have a strategic plan ahead of time so you know how to respond to each eager offer that you receive.

Market Your Move

The more people that know your house is for sale, the more people that are likely to buy it or assist in getting it sold. Great home sellers are usually great marketers, creating a buzz about their house and getting the word out that it’s for sale. Make it your mission to spread the word that your house is on the market. Create intrigue that makes people want to live there. When communicating it’s for sale, talk about some of the great benefits of your home such as location, neighbors, school district, and other deciding factors that could sway potential buyers’ minds. You are free to sell your home in whatever way possible, but we recommend word-of-mouth and social media as an essential step in selling quickly.

Repair and Revamp

A smart first step when your house goes on the market is to get a presale home inspection. This will allow you to take care of any drastic repairs before it’s too late and will keep the negotiation power in your hands later on. Fixing the little things along the way should become a habit of yours. Establish a routine of maintaining the upkeep of both the interior and exterior of your home. Freshen up chipped paint, replace outdoor light bulbs, and sweep the front porch to create beautiful curb appeal. Doing little thing each day will help you be prepared to sell the moment your buyer walks in the door.