The Benefits of Curb Appeal

by c21commonweath_ldowling 13. February 2019 11:49

Maintaining a beautiful front exterior matters when selling your home. The front of your home, the front yard, and your driveway are the first things buyers see before entering your house. This is when first impressions are made – we’re here to make sure they’re good ones!

To ensure prospective buyers know you love and respect your home, follow these feng shui principles for a fast sale.

Focus on the Entryway

The front door, according to feng shui experts, is where all energy from the outside world enters your home. Your entryway should be welcoming so energy and opportunity can swiftly pass through, reaching all who reside within. If your front door is difficult to see from the curb, find ways to make it visible again: trim overbearing foliage, paint the door red, or create a walkway that flows straight to your entrance. These design tips will allow passersby to find your front door with ease – and delight!

Take Good Care of Plants, Flowers, and Lawns

A lush, vibrant garden is an expression of positive energy. We recommend planting plenty of pretty flowers, shrubs, and trees in the front yard for all to see. If plants aren’t in season, grow bushes and grasses instead and place colorful pots near the front of the home.

Other handy landscaping tips include investing in low-maintenance, drought-tolerant plants, purchasing plants in bulk, and hiring a landscaper for free through a local garden center.

Lastly, lawn care is key. Keeping up your lawn and ensuring it stays freshly cut communicates to buyers that you care about your home. According to feng shui principles, if your lawn becomes unkempt, your home may cultivate bad energy. Get out your weeders and lawnmower to create a pristine lawn for potential buyers.

Upkeep Your Home’s Exterior Features

The same principles apply to your home’s exterior features, and everything should be in tip-top shape to maintain cleanliness, order, and good energy. You can start by ensuring exterior paint isn’t crumbling or eroding off the face of the house. Next, move on to hardware. Are your doorknobs and hinges rusty or wobbly? If so, repair or replace them to keep your house looking sharp.

Let’s not forget about windows, either, which let energy from the outside world filter into your home. Try to get a good window cleaning in before welcoming prospective buyers to see the place. They’ll be happy to stand before clear, clean windows and gaze at the beautiful front yard.

Declutter Your Garage

It’s easy to leave things piled up in the garage, especially when you can simply switch off the light, go back inside, and pretend like there isn’t a mountain of boxes and miscellaneous items stacked up in the dark. Just know that buyers won’t like the look of a busy garage, which may make or break their purchasing decision.

Do the Work that Pays Off

Buyers will notice if you’ve let your home deteriorate over time, and they could easily move on if they sense you’ve neglected the place. Put in the work beforehand to show others you’re serious about your home and respect all that it’s given you over the years. You’ll be satisfied knowing prospective buyers are interested and that you’ve given your home what it deserves: a bit of tender loving care.