Transform Your Home Office into an Inspiring Space

by c21commonweath_ldowling 6. February 2019 10:49

Your home office should be a space where productivity and creativity flow freely. Whether you have just a corner desk in a closet-sized space or you have a luxurious spacious workspace, your home office can be functional and fashionable no matter your square footage. Luckily, with just some simple office furniture and a can-do attitude, you are on the way to creating your dream home office. Use these tips and tricks to transform your home office space into a workspace that inspires you to do your best work.

Choose a Cozy Space

If your home office space isn’t already selected, try to find a place in your house that is quiet and well lit. Consider the purpose of your office to find out how much space you will need to accomplish these goals. Plan if you will use the space as just a place to put your laptop or if you need a whole creative corner with lots of cabinet space. Knowing your needs ahead of time will help you budget accordingly. Natural light is great in an office space as it has a way of naturally brightening the room and elevating the mood. If that isn’t an option, don’t worry, get a few decorative lamps to illuminate your office. Choose a space that you feel comfortable and confident in to get work done.

Functional Office Furniture

If you don’t have a desk for your office yet, you don’t have to break the bank finding one. Consider shopping at your local antique market or resale shop before heading to the furniture store. Many old tables and desks can be repurposed and add character to your space with their unique style. Find something that speaks to you and that functions in the space you have for it. Get yourself an office chair that will be comfortable and practical for the long hours potentially spent there. Buy the basics and find furniture that is functional while still incorporating your own style.

Organization and Order

Buying organizational supplies and accent pieces for your office space is an important step. You want this to be a place where you feel organized to get things accomplished, so consider assigning everything a designated spot. Decorate the wall space available with helpful tools such as hanging shelves, storage files, cork squares, or a large calendar. Free up as much space as possible on your actual desk so you have room to do your work. Buy whatever office supplies that makes you feel productive. If colored pens and highlighters spark your inspiration, get some extra colors and get to work. Your office space should be decorated with supplies and tools that help you accomplish your goals.

Consider What Inspires You

One of the most important aspects of designing any space is to include your own taste and sense of style. Decorating with intentional style will help your newly improved office feel authentically and uniquely yours. Take time to think about what inspires you and lights the fire inside of you to pursue your biggest dreams and goals. If pictures of your kids and family ignite your passion, hang portraits and memories along the wall your desk is facing. If daydreaming about vacations or lavish getaways is more of your motivation, find little décor that reminds you of your favorite place or future travel plans. Whatever it might be, add something to your home office that inspires you and gives you the extra encouragement to succeed at anything when in this space.