How to Beautifully Decorate Your Bookshelf

by c21commonweath_ldowling 23. January 2019 12:00

Make this the year you ban boring from your bookshelf décor. Built-in bookshelves and luxurious libraries deserve the same thoughtfulness and attention as any other elements in your home. Add elegance and sophistication with a bookshelf designed to be both functional and fancy. Try these styling ideas to add creativity to your bookshelves.

Selective Style

When decorating your shelves, it's important to be selective when styling. Sometimes less is more, meaning every trinket you have does not deserve a spot on your precious shelf space. Think of the minimalist approach and carefully curate every piece of décor to work together seamlessly. Designing bookshelves with only what is necessary ensures a clean and clutter-free design.

Perfect Color Palette

Before you begin filling your bookshelf with novels and décor, look at the elements and colors in the room around it. Take in the surrounding space and use it as a starting point for your bookshelf designs. Draw from the character and color of the room’s existing color palette to create a cohesive style. When you use colors that balance with the existing room, it creates intrigue without being overwhelming. When decorating your bookshelves, look to the room around it to find inspiration for color tones and decorative elements to create seamless style.

Function and Focal Points

You want your bookshelves to be functional, so you can easily grab your favorite book and curl up to read. If you’re working with a large collection of books or a tall bookshelf, getting a sliding ladder may solve your problems. The ladder adds visual intrigue and also creates a practical way to get your favorite novel from the top shelf. Create a focal row in your bookshelf to make it stand out and draw the attention upwards. Create a focus point on a shelf by using framed artwork or a large piece of décor that is sure to make a statement. Make sure your bookshelf is useful and unique by including elements that make it both fun and functional. 

Fill Gaps with Greenery

If you are looking for an easy way to fill in empty spaces in your bookshelves, add your favorite plants to make it pop. Plants such as succulents are perfect for small spaces as they are small, easy to manage and add texture. Similarly, you can use a trailing potted plant, such as ivy, to crawl through the cracks you need. Place the plant on the top shelf and arrange the hanging vines to fill in the necessary gaps below. Using greenery in your bookshelf gaps is an easy way to add life and color to your empty spaces.

Use these stylish tips to create the bookshelf and library space you’ve always dreamed of. Eliminate the clutter, add color from the surrounding room, and make it a practical space. You’ll be able to read and relax contently knowing it’s designed exactly how you want.