2019 Bathroom Trends

by c21commonweath_ldowling 16. January 2019 11:31

What better time of the year to give your bathroom a fresh makeover? The beginning of the calendar year marks the time to reorganize your space, helping to make it beautiful again. After all, enjoying a comfortable bathroom designed to meet your needs makes for easy morning-time routines. For the best tips on incorporating 2019-bathroom trends in your remodeling projects, read below. 

Bold Color

Smaller rooms like bathrooms lend themselves nicely to bright and bold colors. Add a bit of drama to these spaces with paint that shines brilliantly on all bathroom walls. Statement walls are ‘in’ right now, especially oversized floral wall prints and pattern-on-pattern wall prints. Bold, bright prints and paints are lively and welcoming and might complement your bathroom décor desires.

Statement art can have the same effect. The art of your choice provides your bathroom with a focal point, adding depth to the room. With your own personal touches, your bathroom is both trendy and unique. 

Using Durable Materials

White and grey marble is especially trendy and is popular for bathrooms and kitchens due to its durable nature. Man-made materials like quartz and porcelain tiles also offer the beauty and strength homeowners seek when constructing rooms that see heavy use. Large marble slabs can be used for floor surfaces, walls, and counters. The benefit of marble flooring in showers is that it hides linear drainage lines, making the washroom appear sparkly clean. 

Concrete is another popular material used in houses across the country. Concrete material can be used for sink basins, countertops, floors, and walls and blends nicely with other organic elements. When paired with woods, steel, porcelain, and resin, concrete is a warm material that can be used all throughout the bathroom.

Tranquil Décor

Added furniture and décor makes any bathroom useful and more comfortable. Placing vanities in front of windows is a trend we expect to continue in 2019. Peacefully groom yourself while looking out the window at a beautiful landscape with this unique design concept. Plus, with windows in place, natural light floods the space and helps you wake up quickly and naturally.  

Spa-like features are also popular. Instead of thinking of the bathroom as a utilitarian space, why not use it as your own personal sanctuary? Incorporating soft lighting, warm tiles, paints, and candles turn any bathroom into a welcoming retreat.

Another way to fall in love with your bathroom is to incorporate art deco influences. Invest in a free-standing bathtub to experience luxury at its finest and expose hardware and piping to add a bit of rustic beauty. Getting creative with mirrors is another good idea. Hang your favorite mirror to make a statement by letting it act as a focal point of the room. Its purpose is twofold in that it provides everyday utility as well as beauty.

Your Bathroom-to-be

After doing your own design research and putting in a bit of muscle, your bathroom will look new again and quite trendy. When aiming for utility and beauty, consider these trendy bathroom tips.