How to Inexpensively Add Elegance to Your Home

by c21commonweath_ldowling 9. January 2019 12:16

Making your home look effortlessly elegant is a task that is usually expected to be expensive. However, with the right creativity, placement, and vision you can make your space a timeless and stylish space without breaking the bank. Create your own personal style to incorporate pieces that speak to you and add intentional intrigue. Trick your visitors with a few key elements that can fake the fanciness of your home without looking cheap.

Pick a Color Palette

The most luxurious rooms all have something in common, a cohesive color pattern with coordinating pieces. Choosing a specific color palette for each room is essential as it creates a vibe and aesthetic to match furniture and décor. Select the tone for the room and whether it is going to be a bright and lively space with patterns or a dark and cozy space with regal elements. A unified palette will allow you to add inexpensive items at any time to continually increase your intentional elegance. Picking the overall color palette will help you add accents that seamlessly match to build a classy and exquisite elegance.

Less Is More

As the minimalist design trend is embraced, the fewer pieces you need to make your space stand out. Using less décor is an obvious way to keep spending costs low while still making your space unique. Buy items that have a purpose and are needed for functionality and comfortability in each room. Choose simple pieces that have the ability to stand out and tell a story on their own. Avoid clutter by choosing a few key elements of décor that are both elegant and inexpensive. Don’t overdo it, as a clean space with intriguing aspects will create a fancy and fashionable style.

Intentional Style

One of the most important ways to make your home feel more elegant is by making it a space that is designed uniquely by you. Your intentional style should be incorporated into each room to create an authentic and meaningful mood. Guests and visitors will be captivated by your creations that speak for themselves and artistically show your vision of what elegance means to you. Art has the ability to make your space a personal expression. Use old memories, photos, frames, and refurbished antiques to tell a story. Filling your home full of fascinating pieces with meaning will keep guests busy talking about the stories behind them and will give insight into your personal, intentional style.

Designing your home with an intentional style will create a unique space that feels like home. It's important to incorporate personal elements to make your home look attractive and expensive. Decorating with functional, meaningful pieces will create an intentional look of luxury that money can’t buy.