New Year, New Color Palettes

by c21commonweath_ldowling 7. January 2019 10:54

The start of a new year is the perfect time to try new things. The new year is filled with resolutions of improving all aspects of your life, so why can’t your home be on the list too? Get a fresh start this year by adding some color to your living spaces. Brighten up the start of the year with brilliant color palettes that will flawlessly add character and color to your home. We’ve compiled our list of the best color palettes the new year will embrace.

Electric Ambiance

A popular color palette that will be used this year is deep and energetic tones that create an electric elegance. Colors such as turquoise, jade, and charcoal grey are a color palette that can be used in any room to give it a captivating charm. These warm tones transform any space into a room of relaxation. Dark blues and deep greens create the perfect pop of color, while still looking sophisticated and stylish. Utilize this color scheme in rooms that were once white and boring by adding a mix of electric furnishings, rugs, and décor.

Neutral Never Fails

The traditional color palette of light neutrals never goes out of style. White, tan, nude, grey, and light brown are always the perfect background colors for living rooms and kitchens. A neutral color palette makes the room seem brighter, more open and inviting. Neutral is easy to pair with fun accessories in different and brighter shades to execute different looks. Create a calming look this new year by using a neutral color palette with lively décor to create the perfect atmosphere to unwind.

Rich and Rustic

Design a room that makes a statement using rich reds and rustic elements. Wine-infused whimsical colors such as dark reds and deep purples are colors that can flawlessly add elegance to any room. Perfect for libraries, offices, and living rooms, using rich colors make the room feel luxurious with little effort. To keep the room from looking too dark, incorporate bright lighting or flooring to add contrast. Embrace the rustic elegance this new year with dark colors and industrial décor.

Breezy and Bright

Create a relaxing and contemporary space that looks like it’s fit for a beach vacation home. Use a coastal color palette such as light blues, seafoam greens, and nautical navies to achieve a breezy and beautiful style. Add accents of cool blues and bright whites to add intrigue and brighten up the space. You’ll be ready to relax in a room designed for the ultimate vacation.

Add interest and intrigue into your living spaces this new year by incorporating new color palettes. Have a vision for each room and add your own style by mixing in elements that create a cohesive vibe. Dare to be different this year and design a room with a new color palette that speaks to you.