Creating the Ultimate Playroom

by c21commonweath_ldowling 5. December 2018 14:50

There are many reasons why investing in a playroom for your little one is a fabulous idea. Playrooms inspire creative play, relationship building, cleanliness, and encourage important developmental skills. Having a dedicated space for creativity and play keeps kids’ minds active, an important part of your child’s growth. Plus, all the playing can be done in a designated area so you can keep close tabs on your little one while still providing privacy. Here’s how to create the playroom of your child’s dreams.

Decide on the Room’s Purpose

Playrooms are great for storing toys, but they can be used for so much more than keeping all dinosaurs and dolls safe (although, they do need a nice place to live)! Consider ways in which your children may use the room and interact with it. If they’re old enough, ask how they’d like to use their playroom. They may have some brilliant ideas up their sleeves, and if they have a say in the matter, they’ll develop a stronger connection to their play space. 

Focusing on a theme may be a helpful strategy. For example, did your child express an interest in arts and crafts? Or do they need to burn off some energy by tumbling around on play structures? There are many ways kids play but focus on how your kid plays. Develop their interests by setting up play stations tailored to their unique hobbies.

Playrooms are also perfect for good old-fashioned reading. That’s right. Consider taking away electronic devices and installing several attractive and colorful bookcases by craft stations and jungle gyms. Encouraging reading at an early age is easy by filling bookcases with kids’ favorite books. Just make sure to find a well-lit place with the appropriate lighting so your little one won’t strain his or her eyes. Incorporating comfy seating options helps too – and it never hurt to invite your kiddo’s favorite teddy bear to the reading club.

Focus on Furniture

Deciding on the appropriate furniture is an important part of building a fun yet functional playroom. Adjustable play tables and regular-sized desks are perfect for young and growing children. Swapping out new furniture every couple of years may be burdensome, so consider purchasing pieces your child can grow into. Furniture should also be fun and comfortable, which is why we suggest investing in colorful bean bags, plastic chairs, or poufs. If furniture is light and easy to use, kids can set it up themselves, incorporating a bit of responsibility into their everyday routines.

Storage Is Key

Toys are all fun and games until they’re scattered about the floor in a chaotic mess. You’re going to want several accessible storage bins and drawers to hide toys with many tiny parts. Glitter containers and Legos are neatly stored in tasteful storage bins, while more attractive toys are showcased on top of dressers and desks. Displaying toys like this adds a bit of character to the room.

Pay Attention to Lighting and Flooring

More than entertaining, a playroom needs to be comfortable and safe. Installing the appropriate lighting fixtures and making use of natural light helps. A table lamp placed near a comfy armchair offers a warm glow and works well in conjunction with ceiling and overhead lighting. Placing chairs and worktables by windows is another good strategy. This setting allows for greater visibility while kids work on homework and projects.

And don’t forget to install the appropriate flooring. After all, kiddos spend quite a bit of playtime on the floor. They may even ascend play structures and scale a climbing wall made just for them. It’s important, then, to create a safe landing spot in case someone tumbles. Padded flooring with carpet works well in active settings. Vinyl floors are another good option because they’re easily cleaned with a broom or mop. Adding comfy rugs on top of hard floors still provides comfort for your little one as they build forts and bounce around. If play structures with high access points and bunk beds are a part of the scene, consider opting for carpet. It may be the safer option.

Don’t Go Overboard

It’s easy to get caught up in all the decorations by incorporating your kids’ favorite cartoon characters in the mix of things – but, don’t. Children outgrow their favorite storybook characters quickly. Opting for general characters like farm animals or fairies may be the best bet. If your child must have Woody and all his friends included in the design scheme, consider gluing all characters on one wall in case these characters loose popularity in a couple of years. Opting for a simpler design theme is easier when you don’t have to paint over an entire wall of outdated play characters.

Keeping things simple can assume adopting a minimalist attitude. Periodically go through all toys to determine which ones can be donated. If they’re not being used, why keep them hidden away? Another child will be ecstatic to receive a toy your little one no longer uses. You’ll feel great about donating toys to a deserving kiddo – and your playroom will stay tidy and clean!

Cherish Playtime

Create the ultimate playroom to experience ultimate playtime. Kids are only young for so long, so cherish every moment and have fun while playing with your little one and their friends. Kids will remember all the fun they had in a playroom made just for them.