How to Increase Coziness This Winter

by c21commonweath_ldowling 28. November 2018 10:38

As the winter months approach and the cold weather knocks at your door, prepare your house to have the coziest sense of calm. Create a relaxing space that feels extra welcoming and inviting to encourage company throughout the holiday season. Snuggle up together under extra blankets and surrounded by holiday décor. Don’t let the winter months freeze your style, instead increase the coziness of your home this winter with these ideas.

Make the Mood

It's up to you to transform the mood of your house into a winter wonderland. While you don’t have to have holiday décor everywhere, adding an extra touch is always noticed. Hang Christmas or string lights to increase an ambient vibe. Lighting sets the mood and it’s nice to have the option to dim or turn on additional seasonal lights for the dark winter months. Use candles to give your home a hearty smell and an extra flicker of something special. Chose seasonal-scented candles for extra coziness and an increased sense of relaxation. Build a fire inside if you have the ability to. Increase the warmth of your house while simultaneously creating a relaxing utopia to unwind.

Create Comfortability

You want your house to look and feel as comfortable as possible. Especially during the winter months, add extra pillows and throw blankets. Make sure everyone has a place to curl up warmly. Display blankets to add texture to the room and create a cozy space that anyone can relax and dodge the daunting winter weather outside. Create a pre-made playlist to set the mood for the season. It can include holiday favorites or any tunes that fit your taste. It will be great to have an enjoyable background noise as you go about your winter chores or converse with old friends.

Stay Social

Don’t hibernate the winter months home alone. Invite over a friend or two and enjoy each other’s cozy company indoors. Invite friends over for fun seasonal activities such as carving pumpkins, ornament decorating, holiday movie binge-watching, board games or even just to catch up over warm drinks. Have a mixology party and encourage friends to collaborate on who can make the best warm drink for winter. Make the season’s best and newest drink from scratch with friends as your taste-testers.

Bake Festive Flavors

Nothing welcomes winter and guests like the smell of warm cookies or gingerbread baking fresh from the oven. Bake up tasty treats this season to give your house the perfect holiday scent while enjoying the best bite. Bake extra goodies for neighbors, co-workers, friends, or even give back and donate holiday sweets to the local shelter or police station. You’ll feel extra good knowing someone in need got to enjoy your gooey goodness made from the heart of your home. 

Fight back against the cold and mundane months by making sure your home feels warm, welcoming, and ready to celebrate the season. Spice up your décor by adding extra textures, layers, and earthy tones. Invite over friends to tell stories around the fireplace, or even better, a fresh batch of holiday cookies. Stay warm with extra blankets, pillows, and comfy cushions to relax on. Make your space cozy and comfortable this year with extra style combined with special treats and traditions for everyone that enters.