Remodeling Your Fireplace

by c21commonweath_ldowling 21. November 2018 23:28

A decorated hearth makes a living room cozy, especially during the winter months. Folks gather in fire-lit living rooms over a round of hot chocolate (or wine) and treats. It’s the season to indulge yourself and your loved ones in the comfort of your home. If you’re looking to get your fireplace in tip-top shape this holiday season, consider these handy makeover tips. 


Opt for Comfort and Safety

Add glass doors to the front of your fireplace to create a polished look and provide extra safety. By retrofitting your fireplace with standard-sized glass fixtures, you can safely leave a wood fire untended as you move about the house. Glass doors come in standard sizes that fit most firebox openings, so you don’t have to worry about starting a complicated project. Once your glass doors are installed, you can enjoy a stress-free time in front of a beautiful (and contained) fire. 


Fix Broken Bricks

Old fireplaces are full of charm, but not if the mortar is cracked, crumbling, and falling out. Perhaps, the best way to start revamping your fireplace is by examining its current condition. Replace any brick that's missing to fill unseemly gaps and help sturdy the interior. After all, it’s hard to enjoy a fire if the fireplace is falling apart!


Install an Attractive Mantel

Easily change the look of your fireplace by installing a mantel. Detailed models come in kits that are easy to install and only require a Phillips-head and some muscle. With a mantel, you can showcase your favorite pictures, add a creative candle display, or place your drinks atop its surface. Mantels not only make your fireplace look neat and polished but provide space for decorative and personal items too.


To create a more antique look, shop for mantels at architectural salvage yards. Here, you may find the beautiful (and affordable) mantel you’ve been dreaming of. Plus, you’ll get that satisfaction of knowing you reused a charming decorative item that may have otherwise gone to waste.


Decorate the Hearth and Sound

The hearth is an important part of the fireplace that separates hot flames from carpet and other flammable materials. Consider adding tiles to the hearth to create a clean and pretty look. Designer tile and masonry products can be installed to add a bit of flair to your space. As long as they can withstand the heat, tiles are a great decorative option, easily changing the look of any room.


Cover-up art tiles are also perfect for styling the surround. It may take more effort to tile the surround appropriately – but it could be highly worth your while. Redesigning the surround can change the whole style of a room with an eye-catching centerpiece that just can't be ignored.


If tile’s not your jam, consider using granite or stone to adorn the surround. Each material has its own effect, so you’ll want to think about the style of the room before applying any fancy or rustic materials. Decorating the area just above the fireplace is another easy and effective trick. Paintings, photographs, and wreaths add sentimental value to your setup, helping to personalize the space.  


Consider giving your fireplace a makeover this holiday season. With a bit of thought and a little more muscle, your fireplace will look like new in no time.