How to Find a Pet-Friendly Place

by c21commonweath_ldowling 12. November 2018 10:41

Let’s be honest, pets are a part of the family. A place that welcomes a man’s best friend must be included on the criteria list when searching for new housing. Finding a pet-friendly apartment or rental can sometimes be tricky, especially with big animals. Follow these tips to help your search to find the best place that fits the needs of you and your pet.

Start the Search Soon

Moving to a new place is a big enough hassle on its own. When searching for a pet-friendly place, it’s imperative to give yourself as much time as possible. The more time you have, the more likely you will be able to find a new home that accommodates all your wants and your pets. Start the search before it’s too late and ensure that the places you have in mind are welcoming of your furry friends. It can also be helpful to ask available resources. Your veterinarian or local animal shelter is a great place to start, as they’re sure to have recommendations of pet-friendly places.

Document Your Dog

Another way to guarantee your pet is welcome at your new place is to have up-to-date documentation of your animal. Be able to provide a record of its shots and vaccinations, which can be easily obtained from the vet. A letter or certification that your dog has completed a training class might also be helpful to justify its demeanor or behavior. If possible, even a recommendation letter from your current landlord stating that you are a responsible pet owner and currently adhere to all pet-guidelines can be great evidence to have when trying to find a new place.

Honesty Is the Best Paw-licy

State your case and be able to prove that you are a responsible and considerate pet-owner. You will make a great resident, even with the addition of your dog. Be honest, don’t try to sneak around the rules or live in a community that doesn’t allow pets. It’s likely the property manager will find out eventually and with eviction a possible consequence, you’ll be stuck in an even bigger mess. If a prospective landlord is wary about letting your dog live in the community, offer to set up a time to meet. A cleanly-groomed and well-behaved dog speaks volumes about the kind of owner it has and what the landlord can expect of you and your pets’ personalities once moved in.

Be Prepared to Pay

It’s not unlikely that you will have to pay extra for pet-fees. Be sure to talk about the possible pet-deposit or any pet-related fees in advance of signing the lease. You’ll want to know ahead of time the additional cost for your pets, so you can budget accordingly beforehand. Make sure you have the agreed upon pet-policy in writing stating you are allowed to have your pet. This will ensure no surprise fees or change-of-mind once you’re all settled.

Finding a pet-friendly place doesn’t have to be difficult if you are prepared and give yourself adequate time to find an arrangement that fits your needs. Be honest and open with prospective landlords. Provide as much documentation as possible proving you are a responsible and respectful pet-owner. By taking these extra steps beforehand, you and your pooch will find the perfect place in no time.