House-Hunting Tips for Parents

by c21commonweath_ldowling 5. November 2018 10:27

Searching for a Kid-Friendly Home

There are many things to consider when looking for the perfect home for your family (little ones included). When on the hunt for a kid-friendly house think about everyday activities that will occur in your new space and the potential for growth as your kids get older. After all, kiddos grow up fast and you’ll want a home that’s appropriate for kids of all ages. Here’s what you need to know when shopping for the ultimate kid-friendly home.

The Layout of Your Home Matters

Consider more than how much space is available when shopping around for a home. The placement of the master bedroom, for example, is key to feeling comfortable in a new house with small kids. For ultimate security and peace of mind, opt for a home with the master bedroom situated close to nursing rooms and small bedrooms. This way you can easily make middle-of-the-night visits to your little one’s room if they can’t sleep or had a bad dream.

Consider the safety benefits of one-story homes, too. Little ones won’t make any scary tumbles down the stairs and can easily find their way to parents’ bedrooms down the hall. A single-story split floor plan is an ideal option. This layout allows for both intimacy and privacy for parents and kiddos – a solid option for families with kids quickly growing into their pre-teen and teen years.

Open floor plans also provide the security you seek for raising a healthy, happy family. If you’re in the kitchen, you can supervise children as they play with toys or friends. No unwanted mishaps will occur with an open floor plan allowing for adult supervision.

Lastly, invest in a home with ample space. As your children grow, so will the amount of stuff. Little kid tables, toys, walkers, and swings will have to be stored in living rooms or kitchens if you don’t have a designated playroom. Look for homes equipped with convenient alcoves, handy nooks, or extra large living rooms.

Make Safety a Priority

As previously mentioned, one-story homes have several advantages ensuring your kids’ safety. Toddlers won’t accidentally find themselves attempting the long ascent up the stairs, and parents can rest soundly in master bedrooms conveniently positioned next to nurseries and kids’ bedrooms.

Another important thing to consider is the height of kitchen countertops. Kids are naturally curious and will be tempted to scale cabinets, banisters, and anything else asking to be climbed by curious kiddos. So, look for kitchens with tall countertops. They prevent little ones from reaching for hot objects or knocking fragile glassware off surfaces. You’ll be glad you found a home with a safe kitchen that prevents unwanted boo-boos.

Make Room for Fun

Alongside safety and spaciousness, you’ll want to prioritize fun. After all, a house becomes a home when memories are made at the breakfast table, in the backyard, or in living room forts. When searching for your new home, consider what features will contribute to your family’s happiness. A spacious backyard, for example, with plenty of room for outdoor playdates may be on your list of requirements. If possible, don’t sacrifice these desired amenities because they’re the things that make a house a home. Your kids will thank you for raising them in such a cozy, fun, and memorable place.