How to Make a Small Bathroom Appear Bigger

by c21commonweath_ldowling 15. October 2018 11:03

Your bathroom is a room in the house that not everyone notices, until its needed. However, its uses are imperative, making it a space that needs to be functional. Don’t let a small bathroom space cramp your style and needs. By choosing the right paint, accessories, fixtures, and cabinetry you can make even your small bathroom the spa you’ve always dreamed of. Maximize the space you have by these tips to trick the room into feeling bigger.

Brighten Your Bathroom

In any room that feels small, an easy way to brighten it up is to add as much light as possible. In a bathroom, try to use as much natural light obtainable. If there’s a window, keep the shades open and use sheer window curtains to maximize the natural light. The organic sunlight automatically brightens up the room, making it shine brighter and look happier.

You can also brighten up your bathroom by picking the right color paint. Stick to light color tones on the walls and accents. Light colors reflect the light instead of soaking it in. If you can, stick to white for your bathroom as its chic, clean, and classy. Most bathrooms already contain large amounts of white, such as tubs, toilets, and sinks, making this an easy color to stick to.  Don’t think neutral color tones means it has to be boring. Use different textures, tiles, molding, and metallics to add a pop of intrigue, while still using the light to liven up the room.

Reflect the Room

Especially in the bathroom, mirrors are your best friend. Not only are the useful for freshening up your look, but also reflect the room. Mirrors are a great way to give the illusion the room is bigger than it is. Mirrors, in combination with neutral color tones brilliantly makes a small space feel like a sunny getaway. Additionally, adding more mirrors is a great way to have a space that feels functional for you and your guest’s restroom needs. Put your lipstick on in confidence in a bright, big mirror that dazzles the room and your fresh look.

Savvy Storage Space

A helpful rule for decluttering a small space is getting rid of any items you don’t use daily. Only the essentials should be kept in the bathroom to amplify available counter and storage space. In a small bathroom, less is more. Try using a smaller vanity or pedestal sink to exaggerate the open space, instead of filling it with bulky furniture. Keep storage and shelving simple, as anything that sticks out will chop up the look of the room. Even add a medicine cabinet to keep your personal products hidden and the walls looking neat. Keep the clutter to a minimum and use space-saving storage to increase available space.

Your bathroom is a room that most people will likely end up in at some point. Make the most of a small bathroom by using color choices and lightning to your advantage. Create a space that feels comfortable for you and your guests, rather than cramped. Remember to keep only the things you need in a small room. Use mirrors, light, and organization to turn your small bathroom into a big space suitable for your needs.