Festive Fall Décor

by c21commonweath_ldowling 3. October 2018 10:40

The fall season brings people together. It means cooler weather, warmer hugs, and heartier food. Fall speaks a sense of togetherness, as the holidays ooze into the season bringing family gatherings and autumn activities. The kitchen is full of pies and cider and the air smells of the crisp winter around the corner. It is a time of celebrating the magic of being together while recalling all there is to be thankful for. Make your home a welcoming space for the family from their first step inside. Decorate festively for fall and welcome the ones you love with your unforgettable autumn décor.

Welcome Guests with Warmth

Your front porch puts off the first impression of your house. Especially during the holiday season, it’s essential to have a welcoming entryway to greet guests. Use fall’s warm colors as your guide and adorn doors and décor with an earthly color tone. Filling your porch with pumpkins, gourds, and wreaths is a great gateway inside to the festivities. Fill your planter pots with orange mums, using Halloween’s favorite color for flowers is a fall must. Corn stalks and hay bales give your porch a rustic, southern elegance. Have your house looking cozy and ready for the fall festivities by decorating your porch properly.

Pumpkin Placement

Nothing announces autumn like a trip to the pumpkin patch with family and friends. Turn this fun fall tradition into an inexpensive décor. Pick various size pumpkins for different uses. Line your mantel with pumpkins and fall greenery. Help guests find their seat at the party by using little small pumpkins as a place card. Simply write their name in the center of the pumpkin and place it on each plate. Even use pumpkins as a serving tray. Top your pumpkins with a platter to add color, height, and a fall feel to your buffet. Skip the hassle of carving and paint or decorate pumpkins in bows and ribbons to make them stand out. Get your house ready for the party by placing pumpkins in the entryway and living room.

Create a Classic Centerpiece

Gathering around the dinner table with loved ones is what makes this season extra special.  Set your table for success by having an eye-catching centerpiece. There are endless ways to incorporate the fall season into your table style. A cornucopia symbolizes plentiful abundance. Fill it with fall favorites to have your table overflowing with color while reminding everyone the bountiful blessings fall brings us. Illuminate the table with candles that have an autumn twist to them. Carve out the center of apples or pumpkins and use the center as your candle holder. Their scent gives a perfect autumn aroma, while their glow adds the perfect ambiance.

Use seasonal décor to give your home a warm fall feel. Greet guests in style by decorating the porch and entryway. Use the fruits of fall to decorate your home, such as pumpkins, apples, hay, and mums. Reminisce on what you are thankful for around a table elegantly decorated with autumn essentials included in your centerpiece. Enjoy tasty traditions and cozy company in your house decorated with festive fall décor.