Dramatic Decorating on a Budget

by c21commonweath_ldowling 17. September 2018 11:00

When it comes to decorating, it’s usually assumed the more expensive it is, the better it will look and suit your space. The opposite is actually true as some of the best decorating techniques are easy and cheap to implement. Don’t break your bank trying to spice up a room in need of some new decorations. It’s about decorating smart, not expensive. Many expensive decorating ideas can be simplified into DIY crafts or repurposed projects without much cost. Whether you have thousands of dollars to spend renovating a room or, just some spare change, you can decorate it beautifully with these simple money-saving tips.


Fresh Paint for a Fresh Look

If you’re sick of the way your room has been looking, an easy way to switch it up is to simply get some fresh paint. Paint an accent wall to give your room the pop of color it needs. If you’re looking to add more depth and design to a room, look at adding wallpaper or stenciling. A fresh layer of paint can highlight and brighten your room, making it feel brand new. You can even paint the ceiling to draw attention upwards and feature your tall ceiling. Give your baseboards a fresh coat of paint so they prominently outline the shape of your room. Paint is usually pretty cheap, so you won’t feel bad about adding an extra touch of color. Pick the right color paint and your room will feel new and bright.


Swap Curtains for Drop Cloths

Curtains are a great way to elegantly outline windows and tall ceilings of a room. If curtains are too expensive for your decorating budget, simply use a painter’s drop cloth for a cheaper option. You can buy a painter’s drop cloth for as little as $10 at most home improvement stores.  Their neutral color is a perfect way to add elegance and make a statement. Guests will love this look and never know your secret money saving tip.


Mason Jar Lights

Even after the holiday season, they’re a variety of ways you can repurpose your Christmas lights. Old Christmas lights are a cheap and easy way to add accent lights to a dark room. Use mason jars for cute décor at little cost. Use jars of different widths and heights to add variety. Fill them with your old Christmas lights to illuminate the jars. Line shelves, cabinets, or windowsills with your new elegant mason jar lights.


New Cabinet Hardware

Change the look of your kitchen cabinets or bedroom dresser simply by changing the cabinet hardware. The new addition instantly renovates your furniture without having to purchase something new. Cabinet hardware comes in a variety of options so you can find something that fits any space. Adding new cabinet hardware is a great way to make something old look new and modern.


Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on renovating a room, they’re still many ways to decorate without overspending. Adding just a few new decorations can make a room seem refreshed and bright. Get creative, repurpose old furniture or turn something ordinary into a new statement piece. Even with a small budget, they’re endless decorating ideas to turn your space into what you’ve always wanted.