Rearrange Your Room: Tips to Maximize Space

by c21commonweath_ldowling 29. August 2018 10:40

When working with a small room, you might think it’s hard to decorate or create a functional space. While a small space is more difficult to decorate, it’s still possible to create a comforting and relaxing space with little effort. Use these tips to help to rearrange your space to get the most use and beauty. Become inspired and make any size room a luxurious place to lounge.


Have Furniture with a Function

One way to start maximizing the space of a room is to get rid of anything you don’t use daily. Begin rearranging your space by decluttering anything that isn’t essential or functional. This is will likely free up space and allow you to add new furniture and decorations that better suit the style and shape of your room.

When working with a small space, it’s necessary to make every piece of furniture functional. Multi-functional furniture will help open your space up, making it feel less cramped and cluttered. Use furniture that has more than one purpose, such as ottomans that can be used as a footrest, coffee table, and even extra seating. The old myth that you should only use small furniture in small rooms isn't always true. Sometimes using one or two pieces of larger furniture will create dimension and draw attention. Still pick your furniture wisely as you want it to open up your space, not overcrowd it.


Get Creative with Color

Adding color to a room is a great way to create intrigue. However, it’s a good idea to stick to one color palette. Usually, a neutral color palette will make your space appear bigger to the eye. You still can get creative and incorporate colors elsewhere in your space. Paint the walls, trim, or baseboards of the room to outline your space and create attention. You can even paint your ceiling to draw guest's eyes upwards and give the illusion of tall ceilings. Pick fun fabrics for walls, rugs, and throw pillows. This will complement your neutral colors and add a pop of fun to your space.


Reflect Your Room

Using mirrors is one of the best ways to make a small space look larger. The reflection will give the illusion of the room being bigger than it is. Be bold and pick different shaped mirrors to add depth and interest. Pick mirrors with different colors to brighten your space, while making it look bigger. 

When trying to rearrange a small space to look bigger, lighting is key. Bright lights often make a space feel more open. Use natural light to your advantage and decorate windows by hanging drapes or curtains for effortless elegance. Similar to mirrors, lighting has the ability to make a small room seem larger. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your lighting fixtures. It’s a great way to brighten your space and add dimension.


Get Dramatic with Décor

Just because you’re working with a small space, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Having a few statement pieces of décor helps to add drama and class to your room. Adding a few large pieces of art or décor can make the room feel chic. Larger art pieces create attention and add depth to the room making it feel larger.

Another helpful tip, when decorating and rearranging a small space, is to think vertically. Think vertically to draw guest’s attention to other areas in the room. Hanging shelves are a great idea when you are lacking space. Hanging shelves are great to stay organized and add a designer look to any room. Adding color-coordinated decorations such as table-top accents or tchotchkes can tie together the vibe of the room making the colors feel cohesive. You can even get creative and repurpose items around the house to add a personal touch.


Even when working with a small space, it’s important to stay creative with your decorating. Make sure your furniture isn’t too bulky and works well with the area you have. Don’t be afraid to play with adding colors to liven up the room. Using light fixtures and mirrors are a great way to add interest and make the space appear larger. No matter the size of the space, turn it into the perfect room for relaxation.