Selling a House on a Crowded Street

by c21commonweath_ldowling 8. August 2018 12:17

Selling a home on a crowded street has its ups and downs but know it can be done – and very well at that! The first thing to understand is no matter how attractive your home may be, it’s only worth as much as similar homes in the same area. The fact that your house is situated on a busy street automatically decreases its value between 5 and 10%. 

While your home may not sell as well as its counterparts in quieter areas, there are still some strategies you can use to get the most out of your property. Take a look at these tips and tricks to upsell a home situated on a busy street. 

Landscaping is Key

Reduce the sound of traffic and unseemly street views by engineering a beautiful landscape in the front and backyards. Upsell the value of your home by adding lush grass, shrubberies, and flowers in barren places. Vibrant and fresh plants are a nice alternative to stark highway views, and potential buyers will appreciate the appeal of a fecund garden. 

The addition of a water fountain adds pizzazz to any outdoor space and helps eliminate sounds from nearby streets. Installing noise-reducing windows similarly reduces unwanted noise when lounging inside the house. Lining your property with tall, green arborvitaes also helps. They tower above other shrubs and drown out noise from the street. 

For added security, build an attractive fence around your home to combat noisy roads. Sturdy fences are appealing to parents and pet owners who prefer the safety of an enclosed space. Kids and pets can run free in the backyard while parents relax with an iced tea in hand.

Regardless of location, a home with a nice yard adds value to a house, making it a common requirement for buyers looking to soak up some vitamin D in their new backyard.

Add Appeal to Your Backyard Space

Backyard spaces are essential to the American way of life. They’re a common place for families and friends to gather around the barbecue or fire pit. It’s where holidays and birthdays are celebrated, and an attractive backyard adds huge appeal to buyers as they tour your home. 

We’ve already mentioned the benefits of landscaping, but don’t forget about fun backyard décor. Add patio furniture and colorful cushions to showcase your outdoor space and string up lights for a celebratory feel. Staging your backyard with the appropriate pieces sets the tone for prospective buyers, and they’ll more easily envision their own backyard festivities once they’ve seen what you’ve done with the place. 

Be Strategic in the Selling Process

Investing in the appropriate modifications will certainly make your home more attractive but be careful not to over invest. At the end of the day, your home is still only worth as much as the most beautiful properties in the area – and you probably couldn’t move your home away from the busy road. 

Working with a professional realtor is a good idea when determining the value of your home. Find an agent with extensive experience and great marketing skills. With industry knowledge under their belts, they can help you decide on a realistic asking price and work to get you multiple offers. Understand they’ll more easily market your home as a pristine and welcoming space if they have professional photography and copyediting skills. Do your research here – you may walk away with more money. 

Consider your home may be suited for a commercial space. Many properties near busy roads do well when converted into commercial buildings because they attract attention from local passerby. These properties can also be used as live-work spaces if they abide by zoning rules – a prospect worth considering if you’re having trouble selling your house as a residential property. 

Be Patient

It may take time. It may take more time than you want it to take. But with the right strategies in place and with help from a skilled realtor, your property will be occupied in due time by residents who appreciate all your hard work. You’ve lived there yourself and likely loved every minute of it. Someone will see the same charm you once did --- and they’ll love what you’ve done with the place.