Landscaping Trends this Summer

by c21commonweath_ldowling 13. June 2018 13:03

As we march toward summer, it’s time to think about how you’re going to landscape your front and backyard. For many homeowners, summertime is when they show off their home most. You want a beautiful yard, wonderful greenery, and the latest in landscaping trends for 2018.

Here are just a few of the ideas that are making their way across backyards in America:

Amazing Outdoor Kitchens

Why put a kitchen outdoors when you already have a great one indoors? To enjoy the glorious summer weather of course. Whether you’re adding all brand-new appliances or just putting in a firepit or chimney starter, upgrading your outdoor kitchen will encourage you to go outside more—and most importantly, cook there. An outdoor kitchen with grill, seating, and other features will make your backyard the highlight of the neighborhood.

Sustainability in Gardening

As society becomes more environmentally conscious and aware of factors like climate change, many people are considered a sustainable landscape installation. You can incorporate native plants into your green space instead of purchasing something exotic. Landscapers are also enhancing the environmental benefits of urban spaces and restoring habitats to better the world around us. You can take this ethos when designing your backyard installation, choosing plants that belong and add oxygen to the air.

Edible Plants at the Front

Plants and flowers can exist for more than decorative purposes: your backyard can produce fruits, vegetables, and herbs to eat at home and share with your community. Whether you create this space in your yard or in a community garden, you can bring people together and create local, sustainable food. Planting some crops can be space efficient with the use of vertical, rooftop, and balcony gardens. Whether you can plant—do it.

Smart LED Lighting

On the green front, there’s always new and innovative ways to save electricity. Try replacing older bulbs with LEDs. They’ll last a lifetime and they’re often smart, so you can control them from your smartphone if you forget to turn them off and you’re lying in bed (or in another state).

Save on Water

In many areas of the United States, there have been water shortages. In the future, it may get even worse. As cities enact water restrictions, it’s time for landscaping trends to shift to use less or no water. Xeriscaping is a popular technique to create landscaping in a desert landscape, but you can also use native plants that require less water. If you want to invest in your plants, look at smart watering systems that conserve water and check the soil for additional moisture to conserve.

Check out these innovative new landscaping trends for summer 2018 and make your backyard the talk of the neighborhood.