Advise Home Sellers to Show Off Entertainment Spaces

by c21commonweath_ldowling 5. December 2016 11:30

As a Realtor, it’s important to provide your clients with advice that will enable them to sell their properties quickly and for the best price. Buyers often focus on a few areas of the home, especially the places they will spend the most time-- entertaining spaces. The kitchen, living room, dining room, and outdoor entertaining spaces like a patio can be integral in selling a property. Open Floor Plans Open floor plan has become a buzzy term in

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plan has become a buzzy term in modern real estate. Almost every buyer wants one in their new home, and if your client has one, it’s important to advise them to emphasize it and stage their space in a way that highlights the easy entertaining ability of the house. Gone are the days of formal livings and dining rooms in most markets—people want entertainment spaces that flow from inside to outside, seamlessly allowing comfortable, unrigid living.

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor entertaining spaces are just as important as indoor ones. Talk to your client about improving their backyard spaces to enhance them as extensions of the house. New buyers want to see patios and decks, barbecues and outdoor kitchens, fire pits, sound systems, and even outdoor kitchens so they can feel their backyard is an extension of their home in every way. By trimming and adding new features to outdoor living, sellers can enhance the value of their homes and attract new buyers looking for the latest eco-friendly trends in homes, including green lighting, native plant choices, lawn alternatives, and gardens.


Perhaps the most entertaining space in the home is the kitchen. Regardless of whether the buyer cooks or not, the kitchen is the center of the home. Advise your client to create a modern kitchen to attract a variety of buyers. It doesn’t take much to spruce up an outdated kitchen: paint old cabinets with a fresh coat of paint, replace fixtures, get new appliances, and replace countertops. While it won’t look quite as fresh as a newly designed kitchen, your client will attract far more buyers this way.

The entertainment spaces in any listing are some of the most important rooms and locations in the home. The new buyers will spend most of their time there, and it’s important to advise your client to focus on improving and staging these spaces. If the entertaining spaces impress a buyer, they may be able to look over deficiencies elsewhere in the home. As a Realtor, it is your responsibility to assist your client in making sure their home sells for the best price possible. Help them maximize their home’s value by showing off their entertaining spaces.