Things To Do On The Water In Boston

by c21commonweath_ldowling 24. July 2014 18:09

If you are looking to have some fun on the cool water of the Boston Harbor then look no further! Here are some fun things you can do on the water in Boston to make the most of this beautiful summer.


If you are looking for a fun time that will be unforgettable, then Codzilla is definitely the ride for you to be on. Gaining sped of up to 40 mph you will be gliding over the ocean getting wet and listening to music for 40 minutes! 

Boston Rowing Center

Get a group together or go by yourself, either way get on one of the rowboats at Boston Rowing Center for a fun time. After a quick safety procedure walkthrough and a sculling lesson, you’ll be ready to get on the water! 

Rock and Blues Cruise

On this non-traditional cruise, you will be able to be on the water in Boston while listening to great live music. With most of these cruises lasting around 3 hours, you wont be short on time so take a look at the line-up and buy your tickets at

The Charles River Canoe and Kayak

Get on the water in a canoe or kayak, do stand-up paddleboard yoga (or SUP yoga as they call it), or even go on a shuttled river trips on the Charles. At Charles River Canoe and Kayak you’ll never be short on fun activities to do! 

Piers Park Sailing Center

If you love to sail or would love to learn how to sail, Piers Park Sailing Center is definitely the place for you to be. You can buy a sailing pass to have seasonal use of their fleet of Sonars or you can learn to sail by taking sailing courses and lessons. Whether you are an experienced sailor or you are just interested in learning a few things make sure to take a look at all they offer at

Super Duck

This one of a kind tour will take you on land and in water for a tour you can’t get anywhere else! On this Super Duck tour you will drive the historic streets of Boston then prepare to plunge into the harbor and continue to have fun and learn about this great city. 

Take advantage of all the great water activities near your Boston home this summer!