Spotlight on Natick, Massachusetts

by c21commonweath_ldowling 4. December 2013 14:21

Looking to buy a house in Natick, Massachusetts?  We have all the information you need to know about moving into this great community in the MetroWest area of Massachusetts.


Natick, Massachusetts is in a great location, on the Charles and Concord Rivers. It is about 15 miles west of Boston and in an affluent area, with many well-to-do neighboring towns. It has a historical downtown, Natick Center, which contains an MBTA Commuter Rail station.


Natick, Massachusetts is a small town of 33,000 people with connections to Worcester and Boston. It has a historical downtown with a great deal of New England charm.


The town of Natick is a Puritan founded town over 350 years old. It’s had many famous residents over the years, including Doug Flutie, former Boston College and professional football player; novelist Horatio Alger, Jr.; The Modern Lovers singer Jonathan Richman; the 18th Vice President of the United States (Henry Wilson), Harriet Beecher Stowe, the writer and abolitionist.

Business & Commuting

While Natick is a very well connected commuter town, it also has many businesses of its own. Natick is home to MathWorks, Boston Scientific, and Gognex Corporate headquarters.

In addition to active businesses, Natick has gained some attention as the former home of a Twinkies factory, as shown in an episode of the popular animated company “Family Guy.” 


One of the reasons people love Natick and search for Natick real estate is the great schools, both public and private. The Walnut Hill School for the Arts is a boarding school and graduates more students to Julliard than any other school in the United States. The Riverbend School is a Montessori school catering to students from 15 months in age to the 8th grade. The Tobin School is a private day school for students through pre-school and the 5th grade.

Activities & Entertainment 

Natick boasts a newly minted Cultural District, a distinction granted them by the state of Massachusetts to promote artistic activity in the town. The Center for the Arts is the heart of the district, but there are other cultural institutions in the town also, including the Morse Institute Library.

For sports, there is a bicycle store in town, and every year you can catch a bit of the Boston Marathon, which runs through Natick.

Food & Shopping

Natick offers Natick Collections for shopping, and a range of ethnic food, including Chinese, Japanese, a Greek restaurant, and an Italian grocery.

Home Buying

So far this November, Natick real estate has stayed on the market for less than 2 months.  When it comes to Natick real estate, it’s best to get it while you can.

Find out why Natick is one of the most beloved towns in the Boston area by checking our listings online or taking a trip to see lovely Natick for yourself this winter.