Finding the Right Boston Neighborhood

by c21commonweath_ldowling 21. November 2013 12:53

Buying Your Home in the Boston Area

If you’ve been looking to buy a home in Natick, Franklin, Cambridge, or anywhere in the greater Boston area, you may feel like someone has turned back time, back to the last decade’s housing boom. The Boston housing market has not been as volatile as the market of many other cities, but over the past year prices have continued to rise.  More than 60 communities have seen prices exceed those of the bubble years, and overall the Boston area is just 15% below the 2005 home price peak, according to the Boston Globe.

If you are looking to buy a home in greater Boston, what should you do?  What should you consider in determining what home you should buy?

First-Time Buyers in the Boston Area

If you're jumping into home buying for the first time, among the many things you'll have to take into consideration is picking a good starter neighborhood.  Salem is charming, growing, and decently priced, with Boston only a 20 minute commuter rail ride away. Medford is young, with great new restaurants, developing waterfront properties, and one of the lowest tax rates in the Boston area. Western South Boston ("Western Southie" to the uninitiated) has new condos, shops, restaurants, and a bright future. These towns are among the many in and around the Boston area where young buyers can get style and value at the same time, before moving with their families to a bigger home.

Families Looking for Great Investments

When your priorities expand to include school districts, new towns emerge as desirable in the 2013 Boston real estate market. Needham is known for its low taxes and schools that are recognized for their excellence statewide. Milton offers beautiful homes and special touches everywhere, including a French language immersion program that is offered as soon as the first grade.

Boomers Looking for Investment & Luxury Combined

For the Boston home buyer looking for great value and luxury, a number of neighborhoods stand out. Marblehead offers prestigious yachting and beautiful views, and Hingham’s historical homes attract boomer buyers with their charm. Sudbury offers spacious homes and with prices still beneath their peak, but recovering, its appeal for an investor is clear. There are great homes in each area that are still available in this buyer’s market.

Boston has much to offer a home buyer of any age and lifestyle. Find your new Boston home today!