Get Your Home Ready for Halloween

by c21commonweath_ldowling 11. October 2018 14:44

It’s that time of year again – pumpkins line the streets and spooky ghouls hang in dimly lit windows. The crisp fall air and scary decorations remind us Halloween is just around the corner. One of the most festive holidays, Halloween is the opportune time to transform your house into a spooky place where only the bravest trick-or-treaters enter.


If Halloween’s one of your favorite holidays too, amuse yourself with these fun, affordable, and highly spooky decorations – if you dare!


Disguise Your Drinks

Some of the best hosts serve drinks made from carefully concocted potions (we may have let our imagination run wild here). But seriously, dressing up your drinks is a great way to amuse all the witches, ghosts, and cats who attend your annual monster mash. Simply attach Halloween-themed labels to all handles and bottles. Maybe they say ‘toxic’ or ‘drink at your own risk’. This simple trick goes a long way. Purchase labels online, in a party store, or make them yourself!


We’re not done with the drinks just yet. Place spider web coasters under glasses to add some creepiness to your bar. They can also be placed on coffee tables or at your buffet. Put skull-themed swivel sticks underneath cocktails for a nice little deathly touch. With these tricks, guests will surely be amused beyond belief – and maybe even a little spooked!


Take Advantage of the Creatures

Halloween is a time when spiders, rats, crows, ghosts, witches, and all their creepy friends come out to party! Why not join them and shop for nocturnal animals and rodents to turn your home into a haunted house? 


Hang glow in the dark spider webs up in corners and around doorways to automatically add spook appeal. They’re visible in the day and extra spooky at night when they glow behind spiders of all sizes. Consider placing black crows in and around glowing webs. As they perch from up high, they stare down at guests who realize they’re being watched by black-feathered creatures – how spooky!


And let’s not forget about the rats. These big hairy creatures can be hidden in cupboards, bathrooms, or buffet tables, scaring guests as they pop out from unassuming places. While other make-believe creatures are scary enough, animals like these possess a creepy realism perfect for spooking guests. Plus, these creatures can be purchased online or at party stores for less than $5.


Tap into Your Dark Side

Halloween parties generally happen in the evening and continue into the dead of night. This is not a time for sunshine and flowers. Oh, no. Guests want to be spooked, and dimming lights helps create a spooky ambiance for all party creatures to enjoy. Invest in black light bulbs, skeleton pillow covers, and cauldron punch bowls.


Don’t be afraid to unleash your dark side. After all, this is the one day of the year when it’s acceptable to release your inner witch or ghoul. Apply the same logic to your home. It’s time to spook things up with decorations that inspire imagination and suspense. Your house will be remembered, in part, for its spooky appeal by family, friends, and neighbors alike. 


Selling Your Home in the Fall

by c21commonweath_ldowling 8. October 2018 18:06

Fall is a prime time to put your house on the market. Summer is through, and so are the beach vacations and family travels. Kids are back in school, and the business of holidays hasn’t yet occupied your mind. With a bit of breathing room, Autumn is the perfect time to put your house on the market.  For some helpful tips on preparing your house for a sale, consider these handy fall-time pointers. Here’s what we recommend.

Go Beyond Spring Cleaning

Sure, spring’s a great time to get things in order. But so is fall – especially if prospective buyers will be touring the home. Now’s the time to get your house in tip-top shape. Start by cleaning up the yard to give a tidy look to the place. If leaves are scattered across the lawn, break out the rake and do some serious cleaning here.

Trim back overgrown plants and vegetation, and make sure tree limbs aren’t climbing over windows and blocking light. By getting rid of dead flowers and foliage your home will look well-kept and appealing to buyers.

Cleaning the inside of your home is equally important, so make sure to rid of clutter and clean all floors, countertops, and bathrooms. It’s especially important to clean and showcase your fireplace during this cozy season. Sweep and clean away old cobwebs and turn on gas fireplaces or light candles in its interior to create a warm and welcoming feel. In some states, it’s illegal to burn wood certain days of the week, so make sure you abide by local fireplace rules when using it as a focal point of attention.

Next, take a good look at your windows. Can you see your reflection? Or is dust and grime fogging them up? If the latter is true, you’re going to need to do a good scrub down and make all windows nice and shiny. You’d be surprised how much of a difference having clean windows makes when trying to see your home. The will look new and well taken care of, which is appealing to buyers. 

Make the Most of Fall Decorations

Once things are clean, the fun part begins – decorating. Use Autumn colors and accents to add some seasonal cheer to living and dining room spaces. Quits and throws with orange, yellow, and red colors are a nice touch and make communal spaces warm and cozy. Autumn centerpieces made of pinecones, nuts, and orange candles look great on dining or coffee tables. Plus, you can easily make these decorations yourself! 

And let’s not forget about all the wonderful smells that accompany the fall season. Autumn scents like pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and apple pie evoke feelings of being with the family for the holidays. Baking a pie or adding a bowl of crisp, red apples to the table is a good way to remind buyers of the wonderful things that happen in the home during the fall season. And they can nibble on these morsels while touring the place.

Lighten the Mood

This time of the year sees less light, so it’s a good idea to turn on all lights in the home before people stop by. Pull up the drapes and let as much light as possible flood into your space. There’s no room for shadows at house showings, and all lamps and warm lighting should be used. Lastly, lighten the mood with some relaxing music. There’s an art to showing a home and turning up the tunes (as long as they're appropriate) is always a good idea.

The fall is a great time to put a house on the market, and with these tips and tricks, you’ll sell your home in no time. Just remember to create a bit of festive fun by using all the season has to offer.


Festive Fall Décor

by c21commonweath_ldowling 3. October 2018 10:40

The fall season brings people together. It means cooler weather, warmer hugs, and heartier food. Fall speaks a sense of togetherness, as the holidays ooze into the season bringing family gatherings and autumn activities. The kitchen is full of pies and cider and the air smells of the crisp winter around the corner. It is a time of celebrating the magic of being together while recalling all there is to be thankful for. Make your home a welcoming space for the family from their first step inside. Decorate festively for fall and welcome the ones you love with your unforgettable autumn décor.

Welcome Guests with Warmth

Your front porch puts off the first impression of your house. Especially during the holiday season, it’s essential to have a welcoming entryway to greet guests. Use fall’s warm colors as your guide and adorn doors and décor with an earthly color tone. Filling your porch with pumpkins, gourds, and wreaths is a great gateway inside to the festivities. Fill your planter pots with orange mums, using Halloween’s favorite color for flowers is a fall must. Corn stalks and hay bales give your porch a rustic, southern elegance. Have your house looking cozy and ready for the fall festivities by decorating your porch properly.

Pumpkin Placement

Nothing announces autumn like a trip to the pumpkin patch with family and friends. Turn this fun fall tradition into an inexpensive décor. Pick various size pumpkins for different uses. Line your mantel with pumpkins and fall greenery. Help guests find their seat at the party by using little small pumpkins as a place card. Simply write their name in the center of the pumpkin and place it on each plate. Even use pumpkins as a serving tray. Top your pumpkins with a platter to add color, height, and a fall feel to your buffet. Skip the hassle of carving and paint or decorate pumpkins in bows and ribbons to make them stand out. Get your house ready for the party by placing pumpkins in the entryway and living room.

Create a Classic Centerpiece

Gathering around the dinner table with loved ones is what makes this season extra special.  Set your table for success by having an eye-catching centerpiece. There are endless ways to incorporate the fall season into your table style. A cornucopia symbolizes plentiful abundance. Fill it with fall favorites to have your table overflowing with color while reminding everyone the bountiful blessings fall brings us. Illuminate the table with candles that have an autumn twist to them. Carve out the center of apples or pumpkins and use the center as your candle holder. Their scent gives a perfect autumn aroma, while their glow adds the perfect ambiance.

Use seasonal décor to give your home a warm fall feel. Greet guests in style by decorating the porch and entryway. Use the fruits of fall to decorate your home, such as pumpkins, apples, hay, and mums. Reminisce on what you are thankful for around a table elegantly decorated with autumn essentials included in your centerpiece. Enjoy tasty traditions and cozy company in your house decorated with festive fall décor.



First-Time Home Buyers: What to Look Out For

by c21commonweath_ldowling 1. October 2018 10:31

Buying your first house is an exciting and dramatic life change. The thrilling independence of being a homeowner makes the house and neighborhood seem that much more perfect. However, the price might be something you sacrificed in fulfilling your dreams of buying the perfect house. Follow this guide to find out the best way to avoid overpaying and the unexpected fees that come with being a first-time home buyer.


More Than Just Mortgage

When you feel financially responsible enough to purchase a house, you have a good idea of what you can afford for your monthly mortgage. This price has probably affected your home search and helped lead you to a place within your budget. However, when buying a first home there’re many extra costs besides just being able to afford the mortgage.

Some of the most common fees associated with buying a home for the first time might seem disclosed as most are part of the home buying process. Closing costs, homeowner’s insurance, and appraisal fees are the most common. However, plan and expect the unexpected. Don’t spend your whole life savings on the down payment, as you’ll most likely need extra funds for unexpected expenses that are sure to arise.


Extra Expenses

You’ll want to plan for extra expenses to help to make your transition to a homeowner as smooth as possible. Be sure to hire a home inspector beforehand to make sure your house is in as good as condition as it appears from the outside. Home inspectors obviously cost extra money too, but it’s worth it to know that your house will survive the winter weather beforehand.  They will help you look at the structural quality of the house, electrical wiring, the foundation and other key elements you’ll want to know before moving in. 

Expect bigger costs for utilities such as electric, water, and gas. What you had budgeted for utilities when renting a place is usually considerably less than what they will be when owning the whole home. Other costs that come with being a first-time home buyer are property insurance, property taxes, association or neighborhood dues, and maintenance costs. The upkeep of owning the whole house and the repairs that come with it is a lot costlier than the life of a renter. You can’t call the landlord when the toilet breaks or there’s a leak, you must hire and pay for repairs yourself. This can be costly, especially if buying an older house in need of improvements. Consider this before buying so you aren’t in too deep when you don’t have enough to pay the electrician.

When buying a home for the first time, don’t be blinded by happiness and forget to plan for extra costs and expenses. Don’t blow through all of your savings on only the down payment. While the down payment will likely take a large chunk of your cash, make sure you have extra savings set aside to cover the costs associated with buying a home. Plan ahead to make sure you have enough for your mortgage, the increased cost of utilities and other homeowner expenses. Talk to the experts, and find a realtor you can trust to make sure you’re paying the right price. Ask questions, save extra, and expect the unexpected when purchasing your first home. The more you have saved up, the easier the transition and move to being an independent homeowner will be. 



This Is Why a New Roof Adds Value to Your Home

by c21commonweath_ldowling 25. September 2018 16:33

One of the most significant home improvement projects is investing in a quality roof. It’s a crucial part of the structural integrity of a building, providing security for home dwellers by protecting them from the harsh sun, rain, and other external forces. Having a solid roof over your head is a basic human need, but perfecting its design does so much more than keep you safe and sound. Alongside offering safety and comfort, a quality roof adds value to a home in terms of its curb appeal. Here are some of the top benefits of investing in an attractive and well-built roof.


It Provides Safety and Security

Like the walls of a home, a sturdy roof provides sound shelter from weather and the people and things you don’t want to enter your home. It keeps your valuables safe from theft and ensures everyone sleeps soundly at night. Aside from theft, it prevents costly repairs associated with water damage. There’s a reason humans have lived in enclosed structures for centuries – they provide the comfort and safety we all seek on a deep level.  


Adding a new roof does an even better job of protecting your home and the valuables that reside inside. When you slap on a new roof, you seal all cracks and soft spots, ensuring long-term protection – something buyers find very appealing.


Consider Your Energy Bills

Installing a new roof cuts down the cost of energy bills. With improved insulation, new roofs do a better job of retaining heat and making sure it doesn’t escape. This means you can rely less on expensive heaters during the cooler months with a roof that’s better equipped to keep warm air inside where you want it. Similarly, cold air effectively stays cold with an efficient roofing system. While the upfront cost of installing a roof may be pricey, long-term cost benefits like these ensure you see profitable returns. And that’s more bang for your buck.


Value Is Added to Your Property

For sellers, this is an important one. When selling a house, you want to prepare properly. An attractive, new roof that’s expertly constructed adds major curb-appeal to your property. Neighbors and prospective buyers notice a beautiful roof – and something even more appealing. A new roof means they won’t have to invest in one themselves. By executing this task, you may just sell your property more quickly to buyers who are excited about your home’s sturdy structure – and your roof’s striking design.


According to a report by, homeowners, on average, receive a 68.4% return on the initial cost of a roof investment. That return, paired with other financial gains, may make your roof-investment worth your time.


When conducting home improvement projects, consider slapping on a new roof – safety, efficiency, and beauty are ensured when construction is completed by a trusted roofing company. Plus, you’ll see a return on investments that could be well worth your efforts. So, consider giving your home a makeover with a handsome roof. It may provide top-level returns. 


Appeal to Buyers Touring Your Home

by c21commonweath_ldowling 24. September 2018 13:37

Why You Should Care About Cleanliness    

First and foremost, your home needs to be clean. One of the best ways to scare off potential buyers is to leave your personal items scattered around rooms for them to see. A house may become a home with the things you use every day, but buyers don’t need to witness a tornado of clutter. Instead, sift and sort until your home is clean.


The best way to start with your home cleaning project is by packing away all unnecessary items. This way you can store bulky or unseemly items in storage units or your new home – leaving your old home with plenty of open, airy space. If you can’t store your items, find a way to organize them. Put pots and pans in cabinets and ensure all closets are tidy and clean. Once everything is put away, you can get to the next important step.

Say Goodbye to Grime, Dirt, and Odor 

Now that your things have been put away or moved to storage units, dirt and grime may be exposed. Coins and pens are found under couches and a little mold may be visible in showers. This is the time to revamp your home with a good cleaning. The level of cleanliness is obvious to buyers, so make sure to put in the work necessary for making counters shine and carpets spotless.


Equally as important is getting rid of any foul smells from pets, smoking, or other odious sources. This may require investing in new carpet or a new coat of paint, but it will pay off when you have several offers from willing buyers. So, don’t let free roaming pets claim your carpet. Once-interested buyers will head straight for the door with a whiff of something foul.


Don’t Personalize Your Space

This is the time to let go of the old and move on with the new. If you’re selling a home, you’re likely moving into another and remnants of your past shouldn’t be visible for occupants to see. Personal details not only contribute to clutter but are distracting. So take down family photos and heirlooms, and create a space that lets buyers imagine their new home. 


To design a buyer-friendly space, get rid of outdated decorations and fixtures. Take down busy wallpaper and replace old lamps. Decorating for how we live is different than decorating for how we sell. So don’t make viewers feel like they’re in a chapter of your life while touring the place. It’s also strategic to place mirrors in the home to allow buyers to see themselves in the space. 


On this note, it’s just as important to give buyers space when investigating the property. Don’t distract them with comments, and give them the mental clarity to envision a future in a house that may become their home. Without clutter or reminders of your personal life, potential buyers can consider how they’ll make the place their own.


Advertise Responsibly

Remember that classic movie scene where a date shows up at the table looking nothing like their online dating profile picture? Yeah, don’t do that with your home. Instead, accurately and honestly list its features, building year, and surrounding attractions. Include nice pictures but don’t promise more than you can realistically offer. Perhaps, one of the biggest turn-offs is showing up to a property only to realize it’s not at all what you thought it would be. Be honest here.


Another way to advertise your home to buyers in the neighborhood is by creating a welcoming front yard. This is what we call ‘curb appeal’, and if you want to sell quickly, your home should have some. Dispose of old leaves and foliage and add a couple of nice plants. Invite onlookers in with some happy looking plants and maybe even a flag.


This Is How to Make Buyers Happy  

With these tips and tricks, you’re well on your way to making your property appealing to buyers. Putting in the work before putting your house on the market can make all the difference. Invest in your home’s makeover wisely with these somewhat necessary bits of advice. You’ll have a deal signed in no time.   


Keep Your Kitchen Organized: Space-Saving Tips

by c21commonweath_ldowling 19. September 2018 10:49

Your kitchen is often one of the most utilized and popular rooms in the house. From breakfast until dessert, it becomes a space to prepare meals, cook, and have conversations. It can be the centerpiece of your whole house, fueling great food and good company. This can make keeping your kitchen organized a hard task to accomplish. However, having an organized kitchen will make prepping, making meals, and even cleaning up more fun by having a set place for everything. Use these space-saving tips to keep your kitchen clean, organized, and ready to cook up lasting memories and tasty traditions.


Keep Your Cabinets Clean

An easy way to begin saving space is to rearrange your cabinets to maximize their use. Begin by placing the dishes you use most on the bottom shelves so it’s more convenient. This will also help you during clean up, as you won’t have to reach up high for the dishes you use daily. Most cabinets also give you the ability to adjust shelving heights. Take advantage of this if you have bulky bowls or dishes that need more room. Rearrange your dishes and cabinet space in order to get maximum use and organization.


Utilize Utensil Organizers

If finding a utensil is harder than using it to make the meal, it’s probably time to organize your utensil drawer. Use a utensil organizer to keep everything in its place. Drawer organizers, or cutlery trays, are available at most home and department stores. They are reasonably priced, easy to clean, and made to fit basic dimensions of kitchen drawers. It’s also a helpful tip to keep your utensil drawer close to the dishwasher or sink. This helpful trick will make unloading the dishwasher a breeze. Don’t walk all around the kitchen to organize your clean utensils, simply reach over to a nearby drawer and put everything in its place. Organizing utensils will likely free up space and knowing where everything is located will make your cooking and cleaning more enjoyable.


Hang Handles

An easy way to get big pots and pans out of your way is to hang them by their handles. A hanging pot rack above the kitchen stove or island is a great organization tool. Thinking vertically will save you tons of space, especially in the kitchen. Hang all your pots and pans to easily create more drawer and cabinet space. Get the bulky items hung up by their handles and you’ll be on your way to saving valuable kitchen space.


Store Snacks Smartly  

Keeping your pantry organized might seem like an unachievable chore. It doesn’t have to be impossible to stay organized if you have a system to keep things in their proper place. A great storage option for snacks and chips is to get large see-through, pull-out baskets or plastic containers. It makes items simple to put away and easy to see what’s inside. You can even add a label to the front of the bins to know which is the bread basket or school snacks. Having storage and organization bins in your pantry are a great way to create space for everything and makes it easier to know where items are.


Your kitchen is a fun and social room in the house. It’s also the place that can get the messiest with cooking, meal time, and spills being a common occurrence. It doesn’t take years to implement these few strategies to help keep your kitchen clean. Adding organization to your kitchen will make it much easier to entertain with ease. Love every meal you make, without worrying about a messy kitchen.


Dramatic Decorating on a Budget

by c21commonweath_ldowling 17. September 2018 11:00

When it comes to decorating, it’s usually assumed the more expensive it is, the better it will look and suit your space. The opposite is actually true as some of the best decorating techniques are easy and cheap to implement. Don’t break your bank trying to spice up a room in need of some new decorations. It’s about decorating smart, not expensive. Many expensive decorating ideas can be simplified into DIY crafts or repurposed projects without much cost. Whether you have thousands of dollars to spend renovating a room or, just some spare change, you can decorate it beautifully with these simple money-saving tips.


Fresh Paint for a Fresh Look

If you’re sick of the way your room has been looking, an easy way to switch it up is to simply get some fresh paint. Paint an accent wall to give your room the pop of color it needs. If you’re looking to add more depth and design to a room, look at adding wallpaper or stenciling. A fresh layer of paint can highlight and brighten your room, making it feel brand new. You can even paint the ceiling to draw attention upwards and feature your tall ceiling. Give your baseboards a fresh coat of paint so they prominently outline the shape of your room. Paint is usually pretty cheap, so you won’t feel bad about adding an extra touch of color. Pick the right color paint and your room will feel new and bright.


Swap Curtains for Drop Cloths

Curtains are a great way to elegantly outline windows and tall ceilings of a room. If curtains are too expensive for your decorating budget, simply use a painter’s drop cloth for a cheaper option. You can buy a painter’s drop cloth for as little as $10 at most home improvement stores.  Their neutral color is a perfect way to add elegance and make a statement. Guests will love this look and never know your secret money saving tip.


Mason Jar Lights

Even after the holiday season, they’re a variety of ways you can repurpose your Christmas lights. Old Christmas lights are a cheap and easy way to add accent lights to a dark room. Use mason jars for cute décor at little cost. Use jars of different widths and heights to add variety. Fill them with your old Christmas lights to illuminate the jars. Line shelves, cabinets, or windowsills with your new elegant mason jar lights.


New Cabinet Hardware

Change the look of your kitchen cabinets or bedroom dresser simply by changing the cabinet hardware. The new addition instantly renovates your furniture without having to purchase something new. Cabinet hardware comes in a variety of options so you can find something that fits any space. Adding new cabinet hardware is a great way to make something old look new and modern.


Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on renovating a room, they’re still many ways to decorate without overspending. Adding just a few new decorations can make a room seem refreshed and bright. Get creative, repurpose old furniture or turn something ordinary into a new statement piece. Even with a small budget, they’re endless decorating ideas to turn your space into what you’ve always wanted.



Affordable Updates for Your Home

by c21commonweath_ldowling 12. September 2018 15:43

Updating your home doesn’t have to be an expensive affair, robbing your bank account of money that could be spent on other moving expenses. Thankfully, little makeovers can make a big difference – and won’t break the bank. To add some sophisticated finishing touches to your home before placing it on the market, consider these crafty DIY home improvement tips.

Jazz Up Your Doors  

Entryways and doors are made stylish with just a couple of easy fixes. Your garage door is a good place to start. Not only do you see it every day as you pull into the driveway, but it’s likely a focal part of the front of your home, visible to passerby. Neighbors will turn their heads while strolling the block when they see your new garage door additions. Here’s what we recommend.


Add magnetic hinges and handles on the front of the garage door to make it look like a real carriage house garage door. This is a stylish design that’s highly sought after in the design world, so why not slap on a couple of decorative handles to give it a classic, rustic appeal – and for less than $20.


Use the same creativity and ingenuity when using mirrors on bedroom doors. They make a room look much bigger than it actually is, and decorating rooms with mirrors before prospective buyers get a tour is strategic. They’ll walk into a space that feels spacious and looks lighter. All you have to do is purchase $10 floor-length mirrors at your local box store and attach them with construction adhesive.


Styling and painting over interior doors is another cheap trick that almost effortlessly adds value to your home. Paneled Shaker-style doors are trendy but, unfortunately, cost well over $200. Avoid this expense by designing the doors yourself. Simply attach plywood panels in appropriate places and paint over them with a thick coat of fresh paint. This trendy trick makes hallways appealing and gives your home a crafty yet tasteful feel. 


Retreat to a Cozy Kitchen  

For many, a kitchen is one of the centerpieces of the home. It’s a place where celebrations and festivities take place and should look polished and refined for all your get-togethers. Soft lighting will do the trick by creating a warm and inviting space.


The correct lighting creates a cozy ambiance and is perfect for post-dinner parties or late-night movie marathons in nearby living rooms. To achieve this effect, place LED puck lights underneath cabinets, giving a soft glow to late-nights spent in or around the kitchen. A pack of lights costs around $20 and they’re easy to install.


Adding kitchen backsplash that’s also functional is another worthwhile improvement. New pegboard backsplash hides old blemishes and offers a convenient spot to hang kitchen appliances. To revamp surrounding kitchen cabinets, replace interior cabinet panels with polycarbonate glass to effortlessly brighten up the room.


When your kitchen needs a makeover, consider these easy and affordable tricks. Old spaces will look new again, and buyers more easily envision their own kitchen parties in a place that’s clean, stylish, and useful.

A Little Bit of Work Pays Off

Investing in home improvement projects can be fun and affordable. You have room to get creative and, with a bit of research and effort, ordinary spaces become attractive to buyers who are eager to move into a home with personality and charm. These DIY makeover tips may save you time and money when selling your house, and prospective buyers get to enjoy the decorative details you worked hard to bring to life.   


Add Value to Your Home with a Beautiful Pool

by c21commonweath_ldowling 10. September 2018 11:29

Transforming Your Pool

A pool is a wonderful addition to any home, allowing for summertime fun and leisure, and it also adds value to a home that’s about to be put on the market. In higher-end communities and warm climates, a well-kept pool is appealing to buyers who retreat to private pools to escape the heat. Families with children make memories in backyards with pool parties and gatherings. With the right décor and design, a pool is an attractive focal point of any backyard space. Follow these tips and tricks to create a backyard space that’s trendy, chic, and fun to use.


Symmetry Is Key

The shape of a pool says a lot about its functionality and design. Modern pools are designed to complement a home’s structure and, if positioned properly, make a property sparkle. To create a space that’s symmetrical and pleasing to the eye, place your pool perpendicular to the house. This draws attention to both the pool and the home and makes for a more open and pleasing space. Adding an elevated spa at the end of the pool is another strategy and feels majestic. The placement of things in a home makes it feel comfortable and easy to live in. Why not opt for the same strategy when designing an outdoor space with a pool?


Add a Second Pool

If one pool won’t cut it, add a second one. Turn an outdated and flat space into a layered one that looks sophisticated. Overlapping pools are less two-dimensional when water flows from one level to the next. With this structure, you can wade in shallower waters or swim in a deeper pool below. If you have little ones, they can play in the shallower section, too. This is a convenient setup – and also quite luxurious.


Create a Zen Space

Water is tranquil, and you have room to play off its calming vibe. Instead of solely being a place for exercise and fun, turn your backyard pool into a cool oasis by opting for sleek design features. Slate tile is a good option for flooring and surrounding walls if you have an indoor pool. Vanishing edges add a layer of sophistication and make the pool appear endless.


As previously mentioned, the shape of a pool also matters. Decide on a clean-cut design, preferably square or rectangular. Frame the pool with geometric slabs and place simple plants and decorations around its perimeter. The result is a pool that’s attractive without too much fluff.


In terms of décor, choose natural colors to decorate the pool and surrounding furniture. A pool painted with a calming blue interior gives the illusion of a natural body of water. Stay away from overly bright blues that may be distracting or look tacky. You can complement the body of water with fecund foliage, as long as it’s not overbearing or messy. This means clearing the space of unwanted debris and trimming back undergrowth from years past.


Add the Finishing Touches

A backyard isn’t just meant for a pool. If there’s room to spare, consider adding an outdoor fireplace or patio to match your new pool. Now, your backyard is a place to take a dip, roast some marshmallows, or enjoy a barbeque dinner in the company of neighbors.


Building a pool with these features in mind not only adds value to your property but lets you enjoy a beautiful backyard before it’s time to move. Next time you’re considering revamping your yard, follow these tips to position your property against other homes for sale in the neighborhood. You get to enjoy the perks of a tastefully designed backyard before prospective buyers more in and do the same – a win-win for all parties.